Gapan City

         Gapan City is a 4th class City in the Province of Nueva Ecija.  Gapan became a component city in 2001 through Republic Act 9022.    The city has a population of 114,256 as of 2009 and an area of 18,568 hectares. 

History of Gapan

     According to old records, Gapan was formerly called Ibon.  But later on,  the Spaniards called it “Gapang”.   The Spanish soldiers saw natives crawling on the bushes and asked them what was  the name of the locality.  The natives thought the Spaniards were asking what they were doing and answered “gumagapang gapang kami”.   The Spaniards thereafter named the area as “Pueblo Gapang”.

     Gapan was established as a town by the Spaniards in 1595, making it the oldest town in the province of Nueva Ecija.  The town’s boundary included Cabanatuan in the north;  San Miguel, Bulacan in the south;  Candaba, Pampanga in the west and the Sierra Madres in the east.  

     During the revolution against Spain, Gapan’s Filipino patriots actively participated in fighting foreign domination.  In fact, the “Inang Bayan” monument at barangay San Vicente represents the 13 martyrs of Gapan who died in the course of the struggle against Spanish rule.    

     Gapan became a component city through Republic Act 9022 which was authored by former 4th district Representative Julita L. Villareal.  A majority of Gapan’s voters ratified the cityhood proposal through a plebiscite held last August 25, 2001.

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Socio-Economic Profile of Gapan City


     The City of Gapan is located in the southeastern part of Nueva Ecija. It is presently bounded on the north by the municipality of San Leonardo; on the east by the municipalities of Peñaranda and Gen. Tinio; on the west by the municipality of San Isidro and on the south by the municipality of San Miguel, Bulacan.

     There are twenty three (23) barangays comprising the city with a total land area of 18,568 hectares, wherein Macabaklay got the biggest share of 4,506 hectares. Gapan proximity to Manila is 96 kilometer, 19 kilometer from
Cabanatuan and 45 kilometer from SanFernando, Pampanga.